About Us

The construction of LNG storage tanks is a very specialized field. It constitutes an important element in any successful LNG infrastructure projects in terms of cost and schedule. It requires comprehensive and continuous planning as well as proven construction methodologies. This is why our years of experience in building LNG storage tanks could offer clients valuable services prior to and during construction and commissioning stages.
Recognizing different expertise are essential at different stages of LNG infrastructure projects, JMT Consulting was co-founded by Julien MARTIN in a strategic alliance with other like-minded specialists in the field in 2015, offering stakeholders a channel to tap into such expertise in a cost effective manner.
With over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industries globally, we are able to offer practical knowledge and technical know-how to all level of project stakeholders – subcontractors, EPC contractors, PMC/Owner Engineering, Owner/Operators.