Our Services

JMT Consulting offers a broad span of expertise and support services for the overall LNG tank design and construction cycles. We are able to provide the same level of services in English, French and Spanish:
  • Assistance in preparation of Front-End Engineering Design (FEED)
  • Evaluation of EPC Tenders
  • Basic and detailed engineering review with special focus on safety, quality, constructability and planning optimization
  • Material and equipment review and selection
  • Assistance with the procurement of automatic tank welding equipment
  • Constructability review
  • Preparation or review of LNG Tanks safety, quality and construction procedures
  • Planning and schedule optimization
  • Assistance to supplier and subcontractor selection
  • Leadership in Kick-Off Meetings
  • Subcontract and contract management
  • Site coordination
  • Material Control
  • Quality inspections during procurement, fabrication and field construction
  • HSE review/Risk Assessment
  • Roof Air Raising preparation and execution
  • Preparation and execution of Inner Tank hydrostatic pressure test
  • Preparation and execution of Outer Tank pneumatic pressure and vacuum tests
  • Construction progress measurement and assessment
  • Construction supervision and performance review
  • Pre-commissioning and commissioning preparation and supervision
  • Technical assistance in the preparation of claim or counter-claim dossiers
  • Extra services :
              o  Storage Tank Design Services in partnership with Specialist Design Engineer
              o  Welding Engineering and Technical Services in partnership with Specialist Doctor in Welding Metallurgy:
                                 - Weld joint design
                                 - Selection and evaluation of welding consumables and welding process
                                 - Consumables estimation
                                 - Definition and Qualification of Welding Procedures
               o  Electricity and Instrumentation Engineering and Technical Services in partnership with Specialist E&I Engineer:
                                 - Preparation of specifications, block diagrams, datasheets, hookups, logics and P&I Diagrams
                                 - Procurement
                                 - Expediting
                                 - Inspection, FAT, SAT
                                 - Commissioning and start-up assistance