JMT consulting ha participado en los proyectos siguientes

Shanghai LNG Tanks Yangshan Expansion Project - Tractebel Engie

Basic design review for the PMC/Owner Engineer
Construction management consultant for the PMC/Owner Engineer

Two LNG tanks of 200 000m3 - China

First Gen Batangas LNG Project - Tractebel Engie

LNG Tank Specialist for the PMC/Owner Engineer

One LNG tank of 200 000m3 - Philippines

Zeebrugge 5th LNG Tank Project - SMM

Roof Air Raising for the mechanical subcontractor

One LNG tanks of 180 000m3 - Belgium

Wuhaogou LNG Terminal Expansion Project - Tractebel Engie

Inner Tank Expert for the PMC/Owner Engineer

Two LNG tanks of 100 000m3 - China

Los consultores de JMT Consulting también participaron en los proyectos siguientes